5 Reasons Why Assisted Living is Better than Home Care

Making a decision to move an aging parent to assisted living is usually a struggle for many families. Given an option, we would all choose to remain in our homes for as long as possible. But staying at home may not be the best decision in each situation. There are many reasons to move your loved one to assisted living, some of which people don’t always consider.

Keep your loved one safe

For seniors living alone, security is one of the top concerns. There’s a high risk of injuries especially if the home has not been modified for senior living. Moving in with an adult child or other family member may not be an option. Assisted living facilities have proper security to ensure residents do not wander away. You can have peace of mind knowing that your loved one is safe.

Hiring a live-in caregiver is too costly

At-home living can be very expensive for most families. Your loved one may still get the same level of care at an assisted living community as they would if you paid a live-in caregiver. You will still need to foot the bill when it comes to their medical needs as well as social needs. Living at home means that you will need to modify the space to make sure it is safe for your loved one. This extra cost of renovation can be avoided by taking your loved one to assisted living

Increase socialization

Senior living communities provide many opportunities for socialization. Signing up the elderly person to an adult day program will help him/her meet new people and develop strong bonds with other residents at the facility.

Maintain good health

Many seniors living at home suffer from malnutrition or serious health concerns that are made worse because of a poor diet. Assisted living communities ensure that your loved one is well fed and healthy. You can have peace of mind knowing that all the meals have been prepared well and that your loved one receives their medication as they are supposed to. This will eventually increase their quality of life.

Offer the best protection

Seniors also need to be protected from people who may want to take advantage of them. This is especially the case if the aging person is suffering from dementia or some form of cognitive decline. He/she may be taken advantage of by even close family members who aim to benefit financially from their mental issue.